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Protégé MRI™
Prodigy MRI™

Model 3771 / 3772 (with Octrode Model 3186 or Penta Model 3228, 60cm Lead)

Protégé MRI™ and Prodigy MRI™ IPGs allow 1.5 T head and extremity MRI scans when coupled with the correct lead. All of our lead anchor models can be used.

Prior to scanning a patient, please consult the MR Procedure Information Clinician's Manual.

Model 3771 / 3772 (with Octrode or Penta, 60cm Lead)


For an MR Conditional system, all implanted components must be approved MR Conditional models and implanted in approved locations according to the table. If the implanted system contains any other components or models, then the system is considered untested for an MRI environment. In addition, a component must be implanted according to its approved location or the entire implanted system is considered untested.

MR ConditionalYes
Static Magnet Strength1.5T
Scanner TypeCylindrical-bore, horizontal field
Scan RegionHead and extremity scans only
Max Spatial Gradient3000 Gauss/cm
Max Slew Rate200 T/m/s
RF Coil*Head scans: Detachable head transmit receive coil

Extremity scans (all except hip and shoulder): Detachable extremity transmit-receive coil

*Circularly polarized only
RF PowerNormal Operating Mode
System ProgrammingMRI mode activated; stimulation off
Total Active Scan Time30 minutes total of active scan time per session
30 minute wait between sessions
Additional RestrictionsRefer to IFU for more information

71531 MAT-2116310 v2.0 | Item approved for U.S. use only.